Missions of the European Association of Synergology

Getting together all of the European synergologists

Synergologists can have access to quality information we provide for them in order to encourage sharing as well as transmission of data and knowledge of Synergology.

We also make sure that the code of ethics is strictly followed.

Organising ongoing training for European synergologists

Thanks to ongoing training, synergologists can update their knowledge basing themselves on the latest discoveries synergology has made. It varies from an annual session to interaction between synergologists or again feedback of experiences in a professional environment or on a personal level.

Making easier and organising conditions of development and research for Synergology® in Europe

Synergologists look after the trainees’ stages reports, which makes it possible to identify innovations for qualified synergologists to share.
Neurobiology also allows us to guarantee the principle of falsifiability synergology works on.



What are we talking about?

Synergology looks at the body language of human beings.
Through developing a synergologist’s vision, one can understand people better and differently. One can pay more attention to people with accurate tools and techniques and make suggestions in terms of communication.
Synergology is anchored in a multidisciplinary field right in between neurosciences and communication sciences.

Its objectives

Synergology looks at body language.
It aims at decrypting the functioning of human spirit by paying attention to its body language in order to provide the most adapted communication.
This specific vision also helps for self-understanding because the messages we give to people, people’s way of looking at us, allow a better reading of the projections people have on us.

Its assets

Synergology helps measure with precision and reliability the existing gap between what is said and what simply is.
It identifies communication hiatus. It also shows us how incoherent we can be with ourselves when we communicate with others.
Synergology has two more unique advantages over other disciplines: it has a method and a classification grid of body language information and moreover, you can actually see what it is talking about!

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As a HR Business Partner, I use synergology in job interviews or in troublesome interviews. 
This allows me to detect contradictory elements and then I can dig into it all using questioning. 
I also use it to evaluate the future working relationship between the manager and the potential future partner.
It also turns out to be very useful to help my friends when they ask for my advice and support.


A clinician and military psychologist, a trainer for people thrown into field operations, I implement synergology in order to make soldiers aware of people’s potential or hostile reactions when meeting them.


Whilst in West Africa making a survey about the embezzlement of humanitarian assistance relating to Ebola, I was flabbergasted to see what synergology can offer in terms of complementary information. That strengthened my determination to get to know this tool better for the benefit of my job.


An osteopath and physiotherapist, I have a daily professional interaction with people. 
Listening to your patient’s speech, symptoms and body language is essential to understand what the problem is.
According to my patient’s behaviour from the moment he is in the waiting room, synergology allows me to go quicker when asking questions.


Synergology has tremendously improved my personal and professional communication. 
I target the questions I ask in a much better way than before in professional meetings and it helps me a lot in the everyday life when I interact with other people.

Pierre-Marie, how to free oneself from unconscious functioning

Pierre-Marie Gaillot explains how he has come out of a Cartesian and rational vision to move forward toward more comfortable and fairer relationships with people.



The E.A.S.’s board of directors

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The A.E.S.’s thematic committees


PaysAnnée de certificationNOM Prénom
1France1TURCHET Philippe
2Espagne2008ARLANDIS BARRERES Maria José
3Suisse2008FLORES Ismael
4France2008ROY Aude
5France2008TRIDON Carole (Khosmic)
6France2009BUNARD Stephen
7France2009FRANKI Sébastien
8Belgique2009STENIER Bernard
9France2011PIOLA-CASELLI Valérie
10Espagne2012GANUZA MADURGA David
11France2012MARTINEAU Isabelle
12France2013BLANCHARD Dominique
13Espagne2013CARROZA GARCIA Monica
14France2013De PAULA Nina
15France2013FOUQUE Anthony
16France2013GAILLOT Pierre-Marie
17Espagne2013GOMEZ CHUECA David
18France2013GUERRIAU Joel
19France2013HERRSCHER Eve
20Espagne2013LOPEZ REDONDO José Manuel
21France2013MAIFFREDY Karine
22France2013MONTASSIER Guillaume
23France2013ROGER Loan
24Suisse2013ROSSIER Joelle
25Suisse2013RUSSI Nathalie
26France2013WYSS Christophe
27France2013NAAIJER François
28France2014BAGOE Frantz
29Espagne2014BAREA VERA Alberto
30France2014BURELLER Corinne
31France2014DASSA GALINDO Marie-Hélène
32Espagne2014FERNANDEZ Anastasio
33France2014GAUTEUL Eric - Quadralis
34Espagne2014GOMEZ SANZ Araceli Maria
35Espagne2014HIGUERAS PARDO Francisca
36France2014JACQUET Armelle
37France2014JOFFRINEAU Rocio
38Belgique2014KUPFERMUNZ Yves
39France2014LEFORT Stéphane
40France2014MALLET COSSON Julien
41France2014MIELCZARECK Elodie
42France2014PABION Laurent
43Espagne2014PADILLA MOREL Mar¡a José
44Espagne2014PENA REGIDOR Victor
45France2014PERRY Axelle
46Espagne2014ROCHA DEL CURA Francisco
47Espagne2014RODRIGUEZ CARRERA Ana Isabel
48France2014VERVAEKE Christine
49France2014VONAU Olivier
50France2015AUDIGNON Jean-Luc
51France2015AMALRIC_ BAQUERE Virginie
52Espagne2015CARDENAS GOMEZ Pedro
53France2015CASTERET Virginie
54France2015DROUIN Wilfried
55Espagne2015GARCIA LOPEZ Juan Manuel
56Espagne2015GARCIA RUIZ Eva
57Belgique2015HANNIER Stéphanie
58France2015HUGUET Eric
59Belgique2015KOCKELMANS Nicolas
60France2015MONS Isabelle
61France2015NARBONNAIS Willy
63Espagne2015OLIVA LOPEZ Javier Francisco
64Espagne2015RODRIGO SIMON Marisa
65Espagne2015SALDANHA BRAGANCA Eduardo
66France2015VAREILLE Sylvie (Chrisocolla)
67Suisse2016AIT-MOHAMED PARENT Malika
68Espagne2016BASCU¥ANA PEREZ Maria Jesus
69Belgique2016BERVOETS Laurence
70France2016BOULASSY Nelly
71Espagne2016CALLEJA NIETO Domitila
72Suisse2016CHENUZ Sébastien
73Pays Bas2016DE GRAAFF Judy (Het Oogpunt)
74France2016DELAVEAU Céline
75France2016DESIR Catherine
76Suisse2016DI RESTA Emilio
77France2016DONATO Jean-Philippe
78Belgique2016EL KHOURY Hoda
79France2016ERAMBOURG Florence
80France2016FONTAINE Myriam
81France2016FOURNIE Isabelle
82Suisse2016GASTINE Sandrine
83Espagne2016GAYOSO MEGIA Arancha
84Suisse2016GIRARDET Yann
85France2016GUERIN CHAUVIN Florence
86Suisse2016GUERIN Marie
87Belgique2016HANOZET David
88Espagne2016JIMENEZ GARCIA Cristina Maria
89France2016LAGO Kelly
90Espagne2016LE BOURVELLEC FRANCO Javier
91France2016LUSETTI-BEAUDOUX Delphine
92Pays Bas2016MARIAKAKI Agnès
93Suisse2016MONNIN Catherine
94Belgique2016NIEDERSCHICK Tanja
95Suisse2016NOBLE Serge
96Belgique2016SANDEZ Alphonse
97Espagne2016SEGURA DEL REAL Esther
98Belgique2016VAN DROOGENBROECK Anke
99France2016VENTENAT Vincent
100Pays Bas2016VERPLANKE Corien
101Suisse2016ZIAI Massouma
102France2017BOULLE Adrien_x
103France2017CARZOLA BOUVIER Cindy
104France2017CHAREYRE Magali
106Suisse2017CORTINAS Véronique
107France2017DI STEFANO Valérie
108France2017FEKETE Gabriella
109Espagne2017GARCIA JULIAN Victor Manuel
110France2017SALIFOU Déra
111France2017STORY Martine (ALTHEO)
112France2017TOTZAUER CELBERT Valérie
113France2018ARENA Jean Christophe
114France2018BACHELLEREAU LEFEVRE Isabelle
115France2018BALEY Laurent
116France2018BERNIER Tiffanie
117Suisse2018BOVEY Jonathan
118France2018BOZZI Virginie
119France2018CALONNE Louis Augustin
120Suisse2018CARMINATI Valérie
121Espagne2018CARRERA TOUCEDO BELEN Carmen
122France2018Carvalho René
124France2018COUTAYAR Nadine
125Belgique2018DABBUNDO Virgnie
126Suisse2018DALLEMER Philippe
127Espagne2018DE ASÍS COBO Francisco
128France2018De MATOS Tania
129Belgique2018DRAOUI Hafida
130Espagne2018DURAN RODRIGUEZ Manuel
131Espagne2018FERNANDEZ MEDARDE Miguel
132France2018Forlen Gilles
133France2018FORSTER Mickael
134Suisse2018GABIOUD Anne
135France2018GAITA Christophe
136Suisse2018GERMOND Murielle
137Espagne2018GUTIÉRREZ MARTOS Miguel Angel
138Espagne2018IGLESIAS GALLEGO Mary Ely
139Espagne2018LORENZO ESTEBAN Luis Jesus
140Suisse2018MARGHERITI Jeremy
141France2018MENUT Magali
142Espagne2018MORENO FONT Alejandro
143Suisse2018MULLER Steve
144Suisse2018PEDROLI Nicolas
145Suisse2018PILLONEL Sabine
146France2018POETTO Pascal
147Espagne2018PUJOL CANSADO Daniel
148Espagne2018QUINTANA SANCHEZ Javier
149Espagne2018ROMERO GOMEZ José Francisco
150Espagne2018RONCERO PUENTE Ignacio
151Belgique2018SIMILON Mandy
152France2018SIXOU Samuel (Alteis)
153Suisse2018SLOSMAN Loïc
154Espagne2018STEZANO COLARES Hector J
155France2018TARDY Elodie (B A - BA)
156Espagne2018VICENTE IGLESIAS Elena
157Espagne2018VILLARIEZO BONILLA Teresa
158Belgique2018WALTREGNY Vinciane
159Espagne2018ZAS CASTRO Monica
160France2019CATELAIN Maryline
161France2019DIOMANDE Melome
162France2019LE GRELLE Pauline/Pauline Dewilde
163France2019LOCATELLI Stéphane
164France2019MIGDAL Valentin
165Suisse2019RAHEMTULLA Hussein-Ali
166France2019SAINT GENIS Franck
167Suisse2019SANCHEZ Surya
168France2019VANDERMEULEN Carole
169France2019ABEKHZER Pascale
170France2019VERDU Arnaud
171France2019SCHMITT Flora


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